OpTK™ Rotary Piston-Cylinder Actuator

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The Trimteck OpTK Rotary Piston-Cylinder Actuator combines high torque and pneumatic stiffness with excellent throttling capabilities. These characteristics are designed into a lightweight, rugged and compact assembly.

The actuator and cylinder are designed for supply pressures up to 150 psi, enabling very high torques. The actuator uses a rocking piston for direct conversion of linear motion to rotary motion – thrust to torque. The rocking piston assembly combined with a splined shaft and lever eliminates lost motion giving the OpTK extraordinary precision and resolution.

Accepts up to 150 psi air supply

  • Achieves higher torques
  • Obtains stiff piston positioning
  • Permits higher DP limits on valve

Rocking piston

  • Provides direct connection to shaft
  • Assures zero lost motion between actuator and valve
  • Utilizes fewer parts

Splined shaft and lever

  • Allows zero lost motion

Compact, lightweight, rugged

  • Permits easy maintenance
  • Installs in limited space applications
  • Easily meets seismic requirements

Low friction bearings

  • Provide millions of cycles with minimal wear
  • Combined with direct linkage, provides very low hysteresis

Field reversible

  • Requires no extra parts
  • Permits fast, easy field reversing
  • Requires no change of spring action

Fail-safe spring

  • Moves actuator to failure position without pressure assistance

Air-purged, fully enclosed transfer case

  • Prevents corrosion of linkage
  • Ensures safe operation
  • Contains external position indicator
  • Allows four mounting positions without retubing, changing or adding parts

Stroke stops

  • Allow both ends of stroke to be adjusted
Actuator Type

Base Valve Type

V-Notch Ball, Eccentric Plug, Butterfly, Custom-Engineered/Specialty

Air Supply (PSI)

30 to 150

Piston Size (inch squared)

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Actuator Materials

, ,

Failure Position

, ,

Actuator Options



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