Trimteck® Optimux®

Engineered Solutions
for Process Control

We manufacture control valves for the world's most critical applications.

Trimteck® Optimux®

Engineered Solutions
for Process Control

We manufacture control valves for the world's most critical applications.

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Trimteck® Optimux®

Serving Industry Leaders in over Fifty Countries.

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As a respected supplier to the U.S. government, Trimteck combines its engineering expertise and unparalleled customer service to offer high-quality, differentiated process control solutions conforming to the strictest military and international standards.

Aerospace & Defense

Trimteck® Optimux®

Power producers today face a host of evolving challenges and expectations, such as: on-demand cycling, regulatory compliance, and an aging maintenance and planning workforce. Trimteck continues to solve customer challenges related to general and severe service control valve design, engineering, sizing/selection, and lifecycle planning.

Power Generation

Wide angle fisheye view of a large FPSO type oil rig.

For over a decade Trimteck has been working with our customers to design and manufacture control valves for hydrogen service throughout the hydrogen value chain – as well as for extremely challenging liquid hydrogen applications in the aerospace industry.


Trimteck® Optimux®

For any process equipment manufacturer, the chemical industry presents an impressive array of demanding challenges. These include speeding up batch cycles, combating the effects of corrosive fluids, and complying with strict environmental regulations.

Chemical & Petrochemical

FPSO Oil Rig

Our customers in the Oil & Gas Industry – producers, processors/treaters, and midstream transporters – continue to face an array of complex operating challenges, among them to: safely maximize production, optimize drainage, reduce operating costs, improve efficiency, and quickly respond to customer demand.

Oil & Gas


Food & Beverage processing plants – distillers, refiners, brewers, millers, bakers, etc. – all have their own distinct flow, pressure, and temperature control challenges; but what they have in common is the need for predictability and operational efficiency. 

Food & Beverage

Trimteck® Optimux®

World Class Technology

Our Mission

We aim to provide customers around the world with high-quality, reliable, cost-effective flow, temperature, and pressure control solutions for critical industrial processes.

We excel because of our applications expertise, the superior performance of our products, as well as a culture committed to customer satisfaction and responsive services.

Trimteck® Optimux®

Commitment to Core Values

Rapid Response

Ask us a question and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. Count on the fastest lead times in the industry.

Engineering Support

Send us your process conditions and we'll get started with valve sizing and specification.

Rugged, Reliable Products

We engineer and manufacture the most reliable process control products available on the market.


Same Day Ship

Place an order for a qualifying General Service OpGL® before 10:00am Eastern time, and we will ship on the same day!

Trimteck® Optimux®

Applications Expertise

Gas turbine electrical power plant at dusk with twilight support all factory in industrial Estate

What is Cavitation in Control Valves?

All too often the causes and effects of cavitation, flashing, and noise in control valves are misunderstood. Let's shed some light on a difficult problem and help size, specify, and design valves that will go the distance. Click below to download our brochure.

Trimteck® Severe Service Technical Brochure

Trimteck® Severe Service
Technical Brochure

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Trimteck® Optimux®

Customer Testimonial: Power Industry

In his own words, one customer describes his experience ordering and installing a Trimteck valve in a difficult high pressure steam letdown service in an aging power plant. Click below to download the Testimonial.

Trimteck® Testimonial Power Bulletin

Trimteck® Testimonial
Power Bulletin

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