Hydrogen has emerged as the ideal medium for the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables, as well as for the reduction of carbon dioxide output from a variety of end-use applications – primarily as industrial feedstock and transportation fuel. It is highly energy-dense, and has no environmental impact.

Hydrogen’s role in the global energy mix is growing in tandem with the urgency of reducing greenhouse gas emissions due to several related factors:

(1) the declining costs of producing so-called Green Hydrogen, which is hydrogen produced by water electrolysis with power supplied from renewable sources i.e. wind and solar;

(2) the improvement in Carbon Capture, Utilization, & Storage (CCUS) technology, which enables production of so-called Blue Hydrogen from Steam Reforming/Gasification of Fossil Fuels, and;

(3) dramatic ongoing improvements in fuel cell technology that enables a multitude of end-use applications.


Listen to our Trimteck Talks message as Christian Conesa, President, discusses Trimteck's long standing leadership role in the hydrogen value chain in the manufacturing of high quality hydrogen control valves.

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For over a decade Trimteck has been working with our customers to design and manufacture control valves for hydrogen service throughout the hydrogen value chain – as well as for extremely challenging liquid hydrogen applications in the aerospace industry.

We offer a range of flow control solutions from general service control and block valves to specialized valves for extreme temperatures and other challenging service conditions. If specified properly, our rugged Trimteck-Optimux control valves operate reliably for many years, and are designed to avoid issues associated with hydrogen embrittlement.


Our team of experts has the experience to help you develop control valve solutions for the most challenging hydrogen applications:

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    Ammine and Gas Scrubbing

  • Trimteck Favicon

    Antisurge Valves

  • Trimteck Favicon

    Cavitation Control

  • Trimteck Favicon

    Cold Box Valves

  • Trimteck Favicon

    Cryogenic Valves

  • Trimteck Favicon

    Gas Dehydrogenation

  • Trimteck Favicon


  • Trimteck Favicon

    High Pressure Drop

  • Trimteck Favicon

    High Pressure Let Down

  • Trimteck Favicon

    High Rangeability

  • Trimteck Favicon

    Joules-Thompson Valves

  • Trimteck Favicon

    Liquid/Gaseous Hydrogen and Oxygen

  • Trimteck Favicon

    Low Flow

  • Trimteck Favicon

    Noise Attenuation

  • Trimteck Favicon

    Pump Recirculation

  • Trimteck Favicon

    Underground Injection/Withdraw

  • Trimteck Favicon

    Velocity Control

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