Industrial Gases

Industrial gases such as oxygen, argon, and nitrogen are extracted from air using either a process of separation or chemical synthesis. In air separation plants, cryogenics are used to separate and extract gases at temperatures as low as -196C / -384F. These plants are extraordinarily capital-intensive, and as such operating efficiency, optimal performance, on-spec product, and safety are the foremost objectives in their design and maintenance.

As these plant objectives relate to valve applications, proper sizing & selection, precise control, tight shutoff, repeatability, reliability, and material selection become a priority. Trimteck engineers and manufactures cryogenic versions of its OpGL Globe Control, OpTB Trunnion Mounted V-Notch Ball, and OpTE Triple Eccentric Butterfly valves in Aluminum, Aluminum Bronze, and Monel – all offering ANSI Class VI bubble tight shutoff.

Industrial Gases


Trimteck designs and manufactures control valves for some of the most challenging applications in the industrial gas industry - including aluminum cold box valves to corrosion-resistant valves for chemical services.

We build a comprehensive line of control valves for industrial gasses - and a variety of actuators, positioners, severe service trims, and other accessories - that our applications engineers and representatives use to solve the most complex process control problems quickly and economically.


Industrial Gas Production Applications

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    Cold Box Valves

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    Cryogenic Valves

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    High Pressure Butterfly

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    High Pressure Drop

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    High Pressure Let Down

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    High Rangeability

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    Low Flow

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    Joule-Thomson Valve

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    Noise Attenuation

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    Oxygen Cleaned

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    Velocity Control

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Industrial Gases

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