Serving Industry Leaders in over Fifty Countries

Recognized globally as a leading, high quality control valve manufacturer in the USA, Trimteck® continues to proudly serve our customers in major industries since our launch in 2004.

Control valves are commonly known as the final control element in a process.

They are hybrid pieces of equipment that must be able to respond to sophisticated instrumentation signals and communications protocols; and act mechanically on the process media to control its flow and pressure and dynamically achieve the desired outcome. As such, control valves are utilized in nearly every industry.

However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution and each industry has specific challenges that a serious control valve manufacturer must understand and address so as to provide a robust, long-lasting process control solution. Trimteck has the know-how and experience to tackle the most difficult applications for the most demanding customers in nearly every major industry.

Power Generation

Power producers today face a host of evolving challenges and expectations, such as: on-demand cycling, regulatory compliance, and an aging maintenance and planning workforce. Trimteck continues to solve customer challenges related to general and severe service control valve design, engineering, sizing/selection, and lifecycle planning.

Aerospace & Defense

As a respected supplier to the U.S. government, Trimteck combines its engineering expertise and unparalleled customer service to offer high-quality, differentiated process control solutions conforming to the strictest military and international standards.


For over a decade Trimteck has been working with our customers to design and manufacture control valves for hydrogen service throughout the hydrogen value chain – as well as for extremely challenging liquid hydrogen applications in the aerospace industry.

Oil & Gas

Our customers in the Oil & Gas Industry – producers, processors/treaters, and midstream transporters – continue to face an array of complex operating challenges, among them to: safely maximize production, optimize drainage, reduce operating costs, improve efficiency, and quickly respond to customer demand.

Chemical & Petrochemical

For any process equipment manufacturer, the chemical industry presents an impressive array of demanding challenges. These include speeding up batch cycles, combating the effects of corrosive fluids, and complying with strict environmental regulations.

Industrial Gases

Industrial gases such as oxygen, argon, and nitrogen are extracted from air using either a process of separation or chemical synthesis. In air separation plants, cryogenics are used to separate and extract gases at temperatures as low as -196C / -384F.


Petroleum refining is one of the most vital industries to the global economy. The fuels and other petroleum derivatives that refineries produce impact the lives of nearly every person on earth.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage processing plants – distillers, refiners, brewers, millers, bakers, etc. – all have their own distinct flow, pressure, and temperature control challenges; but what they have in common is the need for predictability and operational efficiency.

Metals & Mining

The Metals & Mining Industry has hundreds of different critical processes – downstream of the extraction and crushing phases – that require extremely rugged, engineered control valve solutions. Among others, these processes include: flotation, slurry flows, reclaiming, leaching, solvent extraction, industrial furnace control, rolling, and finishing.

Pulp & Paper

In today’s highly competitive Pulp & Paper Industry, players must find innovative ways of increasing production yields while lowering operating costs.

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