Control Valves

Control Valves

OpGL™ Globe Control Valve

Reliable. Rugged. Economical.

Optimux globe control valves provide superior performance while permitting easy, fast, and inexpensive maintenance. Unlike diaphragm-operated control valves, the Piston cylinder-actuated OpGL™ provides stiffness, maintains high positioning accuracy control – making for the world’s most efficient and accurately responsive valve.

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OpDX™ Butterfly Control Valve

Pressure-assisted seating achieves bi-directional shut-off and low breakout torque.

The OpDX™ butterfly control valve is a high performance rotary valve with an eccentric cammed disc that ensures accurate throttling. Its same flangless body (wafer) serves ANSI classes 150, 300, and 600 in 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″ and 8″ sizes. With our piston and cylinder actuator, this butterfly valve has greater flow capacity than any globe, plug, and cammed control valve.

Technical Specifications | OpDX™ Brochure: English | OpDX™ Manual: English

OpVEE™ V-Notch Valve

Rugged enough for hard-to-handle and particle-entrained processes.

The OpVEE™ was designed to be used in a wide range of applications, including: chemical, pulp & paper, power, and petroleum services. It has solved many long-standing valve-related challenges, such as tensions in piping that unevenly load the seat, small ranges due to limited orifice characterizations, and unsatisfactory shutoff capabilities. Its integral flanges design standard and piston cylinder actuator deliver plenty of thrust for high performance throttling.

Technical Specifications | OpVEE™ Brochure: English | OpVEE™ Manual: English

OpEXL™ Eccentric Plug Valve

High performance eccentric plug valve for a wide range of applications.

The Optimux OpEXL™ is characterized by its innovative eccentric plug. Its ‘not-through’ shaft allows uninterrupted fluid flow and delivers higher Cv’s . Regular maintenance cycle surpasses five years for most applications. Available with our line of RPA Rack and Pinion Actuators.

Technical Specifications | OpEXL™ Brochure: English | OpEXL™ Manual: English

OpTE™ Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

High torque and triple offset design ensures zero leakage.

The Optimux OpTE™ triple offset design provides bubble-tight shut-off for critical applications in a wide variety of industrial processes such as petroleum refining, cryogenics applications, pulp and paper and many others. Our unique design also assures low industrial fluid emissions and is fully compliant with the most demanding EPA industry requirements.

Technical Specifications | OpTE™ Brochure: English | OpTE™ Manual: English

OpTB™ Trunnion Ball Valve

Legendary robustness and reliability with added flexibility.

The Optimux OpTB™ delivers excellent rangeability and accurate control for pressure Classes 150 to 1500 while maintaining critical features such as fire-safe and metal-to-metal tight shutoff. Designed with flexibility in mind, the full bore ball is totally compatible and interchangeable with the new Process Optimizer Ball (POB™).

Technical Specifications | OpTB™ Brochure: English | Industry Spotlight: Natural Gas | OpTB™ Manual: English