ST-3P™ Diffuser Plate
Noise Abatement Device

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In certain process conditions, the Trimteck ST-3P Diffuser Plate Noise Abatement Device can be used in series with any style control valve to reduce the sound level up to 25dBA.

ST-3P Diffuser Plates share high pressure drops with the control valve, and control the sound level by passing flow at certain conditions through a series of small openings – through various stages – to eliminate excessive turbulence and energy and generate backpressure.

Correct sizing and spacing of the drilled holes is critical, which is why Trimteck custom-engineers each ST-3P Diffuser Plate to accommodate the flow capacity required for any particular application.

  • Stages minimize turbulence and absorb pressure drop
  • Commonly manufactured from carbon and stainless steels, but available in a variety of other materials
Base Valve Type

Globe, Angle, V-Notch Ball, Eccentric Plug, Trunnion Ball, Butterfly, Custom-Engineered/Specialty

Trim Type


Sizes (NPS)

, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Pressure Class (ASME/ANSI)

, , , , ,

Flow Direction

One Way

Pressure Stages



Flanged, Wafer


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