ST-2™ Multi Stage Trim Anti Cavitation Cartridges

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Trimteck’s ST-2 Multi-Stage anti cavitation trim not only eliminates cavitation damage, but it often prevents cavitation from occurring altogether.

By reducing pressure through a series of restrictive channels and expansion areas, it prevents vapor bubbles from forming and minimizes hydrodynamic noise. The ST-2 Multi-Stage cartridge consists of concentric cylinders of drilled holes and grooved channels; the expansion and contraction of the fluid from channels through holes and back into channels creates a series of pressure drops that eliminate cavitation in most applications, and reduce cavitation damage in others.

  • Tolerates Sigma as low as 1.001
  • Can be characterized
  • Eliminates mild to moderate cavitation
  • Controls effect of severe cavitation
  • Custom-engineered for optimization and characterization of flow according to application requirements – including dirty service
Base Valve Type

Globe, Angle, Custom-Engineered/Specialty

Trim Type



Sizes (NPS)

, , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Cv Range

6 to 720

Flow Direction

Flow Over

Pressure Stages


Flow Characteristic

, , , ,


, , , , , , ,

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