HPP4000™ Explosion Proof Digital Positioner

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The HPP4000 is an explosion proof, microprocessor-equipped, current-to-pneumatic digital valve positioner. Many of the standard features offered in this reliable, accurate device are traditionally optional add-ons on other manufacturers’ products.

The HPP4000 comes with a standard HART communication protocol, a 4-20 mA Feedback Signal, and LCD display that allows for programming, calibration, and set-up without the need for a HART communicator.

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Moreover, the unit includes auxiliary limit switches as well as vibration tolerance of up to 6G at 5 to 400Hz.

  • Auto Setup & Calibration – during this cycle, the HPP4000 recognizes and stores in its memory the key performance parameters of the valve on which it is installed.
  • Flexibility – available for linear and rotary control valve models with mounting and linkage kits for most major manufacturers.
  • Reliability – tight shutoff and full-open functions ensure positive sealing.
  • Multiple Flow Characteristics – can be configured for linear, equal-percent, and quick-open.
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