Power Generation

Power producers today face a host of evolving challenges and expectations, such as: on-demand cycling, regulatory compliance, and an aging maintenance and planning workforce. As these challenges relate to general and severe service control valve design, engineering, sizing/selection, and lifecycle planning, Trimteck is here to help.

Engineering and Design – Trimteck engineers work closely with plant and fleet engineers to gain an intimate understanding of the process conditions in order to develop the most robust, elegant, and dependable valve solutions possible.

Lighting-Fast Lead Times – our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and production processes ensure the fastest lead times in the industry making sure that you have the right valve in time for your outage.

Aftermarket Support – our control valves are designed for long lifecycles and straightforward, cost-effective maintenance and spare parts are readily available on short notice from both our distribution network and our manufacturing

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Power Generation


Choosing a control valve for power industry applications is a complex process that requires know-how and experience. From straightforward 'universal' applications usually in services at relatively low temperatures and pressure drops, to severe applications at high temperatures and cavitation-inducing pressure drops, it is important to consider as many process conditions as are available to properly specify and engineer a long-lasting solution.

We build a comprehensive line of control valves that our engineers deploy to solve even the most complex process control problems quickly and economically.


Trimteck® Testimonial Power Bulletin

OpGL-XT™ Technical Bulletin

CVD-5B Metal Hardening Bulletin

Trimteck® Severe Service Technical Brochure

Our team of power industry experts has the experience to help you develop control valve solutions for the most difficult applications:

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    Boiler Feedwater Pump Recirculation

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    Boiler Feedwater Regulator

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    Compressor Reject Control

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    Condensate Pump Recirculation

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    Condenser Level & Spill-over

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    Deareator Level & Pressure Control

  • tt-icon2

    Desuperheater Nozzles

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    High Pressure Drop

  • tt-icon2

    High Temperature

  • tt-icon2

    LP & HP Turbine Bypass

  • tt-icon2

    Pressure Reducing

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    Sky Vent

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    Sootblower Header Steam Pressure Control

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    Spraywater / Steam Attemperation

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Power Generation

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