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Control Valves for Challenging Power Plant Applications

Whether Fossil, Renewable, or Nuclear, power plants contain extremely demanding control valve applications.


Requirements range from positive shutoff, high rangeability, corrosion resistance, and control of cavitation, noise, and flashing. Trimteck engineers and manufactures a suite of control valves to tackle the most difficult applications in the power generation industry.

Condensate System Applications

1. Condensate Pump Recirculation Valve: Used to allow additional flow required through the pump; outlet pressure from the pump ranges from 300 to 600 psi at temperatures from 100⁰ to 150⁰ F; experiences cavitation and must have positive shutoff i.e. a soft seat

2. Deareator Level Control Valve: Maintains a level in the deareator, an open style of feedwater heater. Requirements: High Rangeability; Cavitation Protection at Low Flows; Low Resistance at Increasing Flows.

Feedwater System Applications

1. Boiler Feedpump Recirculating Valve: This application is one of the most difficult ones in a power plant as it requires the valve to operate in both on-off and modulating service. Cavitation is present; requires an OpGL with multi-stage ST-2 or ST-4 + CVD-5B trim

2. Startup Feedwater Regulator Valve: This valve is typically located after the HP Heater to control steam extracted from various stages of the turbine to raise the temperature of the boiler feedwater

Additional Power Plant Applications

  • Superheater Valves
  • Main Steam Attemperator
  • Reheater Attemperator
  • Turbine Bypass
  • Superheater Bypass
  • Sootblower Header
  • Main Attemperator Spray
  • Reheat Attemperator Spray
  • Desuperheater Nozzle
  • Drain & Dump



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