Pulp & Paper

Within the highly competitive pulp & paper industry, each Optimux control valve – from our OpVEE V-Notch to our OpGL globe valves – can be used to control high flows and abrasive slurries in a series of key processes: liquor recovery cycle, pulp bleaching, digestion, de-inking, water treatment, and boiling.

Our OpVEE V-Notch and OpEXL Eccentric Plug control valve designs are ideal for handling and controlling fibrous suspension and pulp-slurry applications; they help to avoid pulp material entrenchment, which is a leading cause of maintenance stops.

Our R & D department is at the leading edge of material science, introducing state-of-the art metal hardening processes that have brought significant control valves’ improvements for the Pulp and Paper industry.


Pulp and Paper Case Study
Trimteck Pulp & Paper

Application: Depressurization at Digester

Location: Australia

Background: Existing Fisher control valves at the plant had been experiencing seat leakage due to high pressures and abrasive pulp media; and had to be replaced every six months.

Trimteck’s Solution: We proposed an Optimux OpEXL treated with CVD-5B for extended durability and it has been working uninterrupted for more than two years.