For any industrial equipment manufacturer, the chemical industry presents an impressive array of complex processes and demanding characteristics, such as variable batch production, corrosive fluids, and strict environmental regulations.

Trimteck has responded to these challenges with a unique portfolio of control valves and specific flow control solutions, meticulously designed to meet every requirement of the chemical industry. Micro flow trims, metal bellow seals, special metal alloy casting, and unique metal hardening processes are a few of the differentiating features found in our control valve technology portfolio, from our OpGL globe valve to the OpEXL eccentric plug valve.

Regardless of what type of control valve our engineers specify for your chemical application, the goal is the same: to provide an efficient, reliable and long lasting solution, which will increase product yield, quality and consistency while helping to protect plant personnel and the environment.


Chemical and Petrochemical Case Study
Trimteck Chemical

Application: Tereftalic Acid Production

Location: Mexico

Background: When process engineers at the plant needed to swap out two pressure-reducing valves with a single DP 47Kg/cm2 control valve in a process with high temperatures (400°C), fine abrasive solids, cavitation and noise challenges, they came to Trimteck.

Trimteck’s Solution: We designed a 12’’ 600# OpGL with a five-stage anti-cavitation and noise attenuation trim, seat and balanced plug treated with our proprietary CVD-5B metal hardening process. It has been working uninterrupted for over three years.