Oil & Gas Production

The oil & gas industry continues to take worldwide production to new levels of complexity and challenging environments. Whether our customers are producing on an offshore platform, a FPSO vessel or a gas field in a remote jungle location, the expectations for Trimteck’s Optimux control valves are all the same: robustness, reliability, and the ability to handle high operating pressures and temperatures, as well as to sustain highly abrasive fluids containing solids in suspension, brines, sand, etc.

Unplanned down time for maintenance has significant economic impact for oil & gas producers, therefore the longer life cycles between maintenance offered by our Optimux control valves are an important contributor to efficiently managing production assets.

Our Optimux control valves have always risen to these challenges. With continuous investments in R&D for critical design areas such as: severe services valve trims, special metal hardening processes, and high performance actuators.

From the instant they go online to the last drop of oil or gas produced, Optimux control valves will be your unconditional ally in meeting tight operation schedules, saving costs, and protecting lives and the environment.