Industry Spotlight: Natural Gas

OpTB Trunnion Ball Gas Plant Inlet Valve

Optimizing Gas Systems with Optimux Control Valves

As more and more natural gas is produced and brought to market around the world, gas handling, processing, and distribution systems must respond by pushing the envelope to ensure maximum capacity where and when it is needed. It follows that the requirements for control valve applications in these systems are becoming increasingly challenging and complex: from the need for noise attenuation technology, to effective and robust severe service trims for high differential pressures, to material hardening processes that reduce the erosive effect of particles in suspension. Not only must a control valve have the capacity to withstand these conditions, it must also perform with extreme precision and reliability in order to truly optimize the system.

Trimteck builds Optimux control valves that effectively and economically tackle these unique process conditions in natural gas systems. We manufacture a suite of flow control solutions for gas applications that include the OpTB – a dual-function trunnion-mounted ball valve with a characterized trim that allows for both accurate throttling and a bubble-tight shutoff – and the OpGL – a rugged, multi-purpose, custom-engineered globe control valve for applications ranging from extreme differential pressures and sour gas at the well-site, compressor station, or treating plant, to cryogenic applications at liquefaction plants.

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Additional Trimteck-Optimux Valves for Natural Gas Applications

  • Gas-to-flare Valves
  • Water and Gas injection Valves
  • Cavitating Service Valves
  • Flashing Service Valves
  • High Pressure Let Down Valves
  • Noise Attenuating Valves
  • Wellhead Control Valves
  • High Rangeability Applications
  • High Pressure Drop Applications
  • Velocity Control Applications
  • Tight Shut-Off Applications
  • Metering Stations & City Distribution
  • Tanker Loading and Unloading facilities
  • Gas Compressor Station Valves
  • Gas Pipeline Valves
  • High Pressure Butterfly style control and isolation valves.
  • Cryogenic Applications
  • Oxygen Cleaned Valves
  • Cold Box control valves with extended bonnets
  • Low flow control valves