Industry Spotlight: Aerospace

Aerospace Industry Spotlight ThumbnailOptimux Control Valves for Aerospace Testing Systems

The aerospace industry is encountering heightened competition, as well as increasingly stringent regulatory and security requirements both domestically and in emerging markets. In order to remain competitive, ensure adherence to exacting standards, and garner maximum value from their capital investments, aerospace companies – and governments – need to depend on vendors with products of unquestionable reliability, as well as the capacity to meet delivery milestones.

As a respected supplier to the U.S. government, as well as to a variety of notable aerospace and defense contractors, Trimteck combines its engineering expertise and unparalleled customer service to offer high-quality, differentiated process control solutions conforming to the strictest military and international standards.

Ground testing of turbines, rocket engines, fuel systems and components is critical to ensure flight worthiness. Engineers for these systems and components require valid data to thoroughly understand the operation of the system or individual component under an array of environmental conditions. We routinely build Optimux control valves to tackle the most challenging process conditions in the industry. We manufacture a suite of flow, temperature, and pressure control solutions for aerospace applications that include the OpTE – a robust triple offset butterfly valve that ensures bubble-tight shutoff at any temperature – and the OpGL-XT – a rugged, multi-purpose, custom-engineered globe control valve for applications ranging from extreme differential pressures to cryogenic temperatures.

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Additional Trimteck-Optimux Valves for Aerospace

  • Cavitating Service Valves
  • Flashing Service Valves
  • High Pressure Let Down Valves
  • Noise Attenuating Valves
  • Y-Body Choke Valves
  • High Pressure Ball Valves
  • Grayloc End Connections
  • High Pressure Drop Applications
  • Velocity Control Applications
  • Tight Shut-Off Applications
  • Tanker Loading and Unloading facilities
  • High Pressure Butterfly Control and Isolation Valves
  • Vacuum Jacketed Valves
  • Steam Jacketed Valves
  • Cryogenic Applications
  • Oxygen Cleaned Valves
  • Cold Box control valves with extended bonnets
  • Low flow control valves
  • Hydrogen and Nitrogen
  • IPA