Food & Beverage

A rum distiller in Puerto Rico, a brewer in Mexico, and a canned soup plant in California all have common basic expectations for the performance of their control valves: precise and fast control, aseptic trim designs, and high control rangeability from micro flows to larger fluid capacities. Trimteck’s Optimux control valves have consistently exceeded these expectations for food and beverage processors around the world.

Our Trimteck OpEXL eccentric plug control valve is specially suited for food and beverage applications due to its eccentric plug design and not-through shaft which prevent frequent clogging of fluids that contain medium to large particles.


Food and Beverage Case Study
Trimteck Food & Beverage

Application: Steam Peeling

Location: California

Background: Steam peeler valves operate 24/7 and open every thirty seconds to release high pressure steam and abrasive solids. A potato steam peeler control valve with leaky seats caused by high pressures and abrasion from solids needed expensive replacing every thirty days. The plant manager came to Trimteck with the problem.

Trimteck’s Solution: We proposed an Optimux OpEXL with an eccentric plug and seat treated with CVD-5B for extended durability, and it has been working uninterrupted for more than three years.