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Trimteck’s Zero Emissions Technology

GuardMaster ThumbnailGuardMaster Metal Bellows Seals

In addition to a variety of effective fugitive emissions packing configurations, including: live-loading and special material combinations, Trimteck offers its unique Guard Master Metal Bellows Seal on the Optimux OpGL Globe Control Valve to ensure reliable long-lasting compliance with stringent environmental and safety regulations






  • High quality, modular construction
  • Built to withstand high pressures and temperatures
  • Extraordinarily long service life
  • Can be retrofitted to valves of most sizes and pressure classes
  • Sized and specified to specific customer requirements

TT-GuardmasterMetalBellowsSeal-Tech Bulletin

Custom Fabricated Bar Stock Bodies

OpGL-XTOpGL-XT Custom Fabricated Valves

In addition to our rugged, versatile line of standard Optimux OpGL Globe Control Valves, which are typically built with cast bodies in stainless or carbon steels, Trimteck also excels at engineering, designing, and manufacturing custom sliding stem valves with bodies fabricated from bar stock. We call these fabricated bar stock valves Optimux OpGL-XT Control Valves.

Why use a fabricated OpGL-XT?

Quick Lead Time – fabricated OpGL-XT bar stock bodies are not subject to foundry delays

Availability of Exotic Alloys – no limitation on construction material, which allows quick turnaround of valves fabricated from uncommon alloys

Availability of High Pressure Valves – the OpGL-XT can be machined up to ANSI Class 4500; again, with a faster turnaround than cast valves

Customizability – body styles, end connections, and face-to-face dimensions can all be customized as required

Severe Service – available with an array of severe service trims – including venturi seats for flashing service – as well as oversized wall thickness for noise abatement and added durability