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Trimteck’s Zero Emissions Technology

GuardMaster ThumbnailGuardMaster Metal Bellows Seals

In addition to a variety of effective fugitive emissions packing configurations, including: live-loading and special material combinations, Trimteck offers its unique Guard Master Metal Bellows Seal on the Optimux OpGL Globe Control Valve to ensure reliable long-lasting compliance with stringent environmental and safety regulations






  • High quality, modular construction
  • Built to withstand high pressures and temperatures
  • Extraordinarily long service life
  • Can be retrofitted to valves of most sizes and pressure classes
  • Sized and specified to specific customer requirements

TT-GuardmasterMetalBellowsSeal-Tech Bulletin

Critical Applications for the Power Generation Industry

Click the link below for a presentation deck outlining control valve applications specific to the Power Generation Industry. The presentation provides an overview of critical thermal power plant processes, applications, products, and case studies.

Trimteck Applications Presentation – Power Industry

Back to Basics: Control Valve Training for Beginners

Click below to browse through an introduction to control valves that provides technical background and context for any engineer, salesperson, or end-user seeking to learn more about the basic elements required to define, size, and specify this type of process equipment.

Trimteck Valve Training Module 1 – Basic Control Valve Training