OpTK™ Piston Cylinder Actuators

Dynamic positioning accuracy means precise control.

Optimux’s spring cylinder actuator is a key element to the OpGL™ excellent shutoff characteristics. The OpTK™ delivers more than three times the linear force offered by traditional diaphragm actuators while providing excellent throttling characteristics, stiffness and accurate response to control signal. The OpTK™ has been designed for supply pressures up to 150 psi (10.3 Bar), and unlike diaphragm actuators is field-reversible for air-to-open or air-to-close operations without any additional parts. The OpTK™ dynamic positioning accuracy means precise control, and faster response time upon the command of the control signal. The supply pressure is directed to both sides of the piston by the positioner, for stiff and precise actuator operation. This is a significant advantage over diaphragm actuators which depend only on spring robustness and a diaphragm membrane (both susceptible to degradation and wear).

Technical Specifications | OpTk™ Linear Manual: English | OpTk™ Rotary Manual: English | OpTk™ Brochure:English

OpRPA™ Rack & Pinion Actuators

Designed for extremely long cycle life.

Optimux’s Series RPA represent an excellent alternative to our RA Piston-Cylinder Series for rotary valves applications. As with the RA Series the RPA actuators are compact, allow for field reversibility, provide adequate torque for most standard applications and are easy to maintain. RPA actuators are designed for extremely long cycle life when utilized in normal loading applications. The Series RPA actuators are also offered for all our rotary valves: Series DX and Series VB.

Technical Specifications | OpRPA™ Brochure: English | OpRPA™ Manual: English